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The Wedding of Sharoma to Yugan

on Wednesday, 05 February 2014. Posted in References/Testimonials

Venue: Pesco Centre A
Date: 29 August 2009
Menu: Vegetable Breyani, Dholl, Soojie with Cream, Salad, Juice

Hi Sameer,

Firstly, Yugan and I would like to express our gratitude to Sameer Esop and staff of Sameer’s Caterers for the excellent service provided on our wedding day (29/08/09).

2009 has been an extremely tough year for us and as a result, the attention spared on our wedding was minimal. Also, co-ordinating a wedding with 500 guests from Johannesburg was a logistical nightmare.
Sameer was very efficient from the first day I contacted him for a quote and he was very accommodating to our needs and budget. What I really admired about his service was the countless great ideas that he suggested to make our special day even more special. Also, a big thank you to Sameer for making time to meet with us for discussions at our convenience.

I must say, that from a decor and catering perspective, we had nothing to worry about. Sameer took care of every small detail with enthusiasm and professionalism.

The decor in the hall and stage was very classy and more importantly, warm and inviting.The food was very good and service was great.

We would definitely recommend Sameer’s Caterers to anyone looking for a catering establishment with a competitive edge and a professional approach.

Sharoma Sooklal